The conferences on Large Wastewater Treatment Plants (LWWTP) are the most traditional specialized conferences organized by IWA specialist groups. The first conference (at that time called “workshop”) was held in Vienna and then was repeated in four-year periods in Vienna and since 1987 also in Budapest and Prague. The history of this conference and LWWTP Specialist Group is connected with such famous names as von der Emde, Kroiss or Bode. The conference will still be a good place for meeting with leading experts in the field from Europe, USA and Canada, Australia, South Africa, Latin America, South-East Asia and from many other parts of the world. When this conference was held in Prague in 2003 for last, it was attended by almost 350 people from 37 different countries.

The papers submitted for presentation at the conference are evaluated by the conference Scientific Programme Committee. The SPC of the LWWTP conferences is today a well-established body of internationally recognized specialists in the conference topics. For the Prague conference in 2015 the committee was partially updated by new and younger professionals, which also helped to broaden the expertise of the committee. The main task of the members of the SPC is to guarantee that all papers accepted for both oral and poster presentations will meet the high scientific and technical standards, so typical of this traditional series of conferences.

The lecture programme of the conference is formed from the best papers selected by the SPC. The final shape of the programme is done by the conference Management Committee. The Management Committee of the IWA LWWTP conferences consists of members of the IWA Specialist Group on LWWTPs and their assistants from countries hosting the conference series (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary) who are directly responsible for the whole procedure of setting-up the scientific and technical programme of the conference. The Management Committee selects also the contributions from conference proceedings which will be recommended to editors of Water Science and Technology and Water Practice and Technology journals for further peer review selection procedure.

The Local Organizing Committee is based on volunteers from Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, Czech Water Association and on representatives of companies involved in the Czech water industry. The OC closely cooperates with the local conference professional organizer, the C-IN company.

Scope of the conference

All the conferences on Large Wastewater Treatment Plants (LWWTP) organized since 1971 have been dedicated to the cost-effective solution of practical problems in the design and operation of large wastewater treatment plants. They have been successfully conducted in the form of workshops where an equal amount of time was allotted for presenting the papers and for discussing them together with the issues particularly interesting for large works. The workshop character has in the past created a unique and open atmosphere in which experts from all parts of the globe have started to become a family. Although times have changed since 1971, we will continue with this tradition. Apart from the main lecture stream we will prepare for the conference participants several small workshops on current topics. 

The lecture programme is accompanied by a poster session. The poster session enables to enlarge the number of conference contributions and is always a suitable forum for the discussion and idea exchange of the conference participants with poster authors. To encourage young experts to participate in the poster session, the management committee will select and name the best poster paper of the upcoming conference. The winner of this contest will be announced at the conference closing ceremony.

The conference will start traditionally on Sunday evening by the registration and “Meet and Greet”. During the conference evenings we are planning some social activities like “poster party” with the discussion among the exhibited posters or conference gala dinner. The lectures and workshop are scheduled for three days. The fourth days there will be two optional technical tours.

The conference topics

The conference will focus on all aspects of the design and operation of large wastewater treatment plants including the economical issues. It will bring together mainly operators, designers and consultants on one side with researchers, university teachers, ICA specialists, developers, technology and equipment providers on the other side. Special emphasis will be given to the active participation of young professionals. The conference will provide a forum for idea and opinion exchange and for sharing practical experience.

To find proper solutions for problems related to design, operation and economics of large wastewater treatment plants is a task of steadily growing importance. While at the beginning of the 20th century only less than 15 % of the total population on the Globe lived in the towns, in the middle of the century it was already 29 % and in 1985 about 41 %, the estimates for 2020 predict about two thirds of all people living in the towns. Therefore, the wastewater treatment in large wastewater treatment plants is an inseparable part of water management of cities of the future. The effluent from LWWTP is more and more considered to be a source of water rather than a waste discharged just to the receiving waters. Our traditional conference must also reflect this change in the paradigm in the topics discussed in Prague: 

1. Design

  • wastewater treatment in large cities and sensitive catchment areas
  • selection of cost-effective solutions
  • appropriate technologies for developing countries
  • successful case studies 

2. Operation 

  • nutrient removal 
  • control of activated sludge separation properties
  • instrumentation, control & automation 
  • management, education and training 

3. Sludge handling and it's effect pm wastewater treatment

  • modern approaches to wastewater sludge processing
  • effect of reject water on main wastewater treatment line
  • optimized use of energy from sludge

4. Cost and energy optimization

  • construction and investment
  • cost and energy effective operation

5. Innovative wastewater treatment technologies

  • mixing and aeration systems 
  • activated sludge separation
  • use of membranes in wastewater treatment
  • removal of specific organic compounds (endocrine disruptors, etc.)

6. Large WWTP in "Cities of the Future"

  • large WWTP as the condition of the future growth of cities
  • effluent from large WWTP as a source of water for municipal use (street cleaning, park watering, water in municipal architecture, water for industry, possible use for the enhancement of ground and surface water resources used for preparation of drinking water)

Parallel workshop

History of sanitation and wastewater treatment in large towns

This workshop will be held in cooperation with the European Water Association and its European Technical and Scientific Committee.

Technical tours

Two post-conference tours are planned for Thursday, 10 September 2015:

i) Historical WWTP of the City of Prague – back to 1906

The historical plant is in a walking distance from the conference hotel. The duration about 4 hours. The visit will be finished by a light lunch in the premises of the old plant. A small extra fee will be charged to the participants.
More at:

Conference Secretariat: C-IN, 5. kvetna 65, 140 21 Prague 4, CZE | tel.: +420 261 174 301 | fax: +420 261 174 307
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